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Welcome To Financial Management for Churches

Welcome to Financial Management for Churches. This website is dedicated to education for clergy and laity, and the promotion of best practices in church financial matters.

This is accomplished in a number of ways:

  1. Offering online courses (some for Continuing Education Units for clergy from leading seminaries) publications, and current events notification. You are invited to sign up here to be notified of these events regularly.
  2. Publication of books and workbooks dedicated to financial management in churches.
  3. Reporting service regarding current regulations and tax events related to churches.
  4. Onsite seminars, speaking engagements, retreat leaders, and financial management implementation assistance.

We invite you to browse the website, join us for current updates, and download for free the charts and documents included in our books. We also welcome your questions, stories, and suggestions regarding how we can help you and your church to be more proactive in the management of the gifts given.

We also invite you to utilize our products and services to:

  1. Develop a common lexicon within your church by which to have a conversation about financial matters with all on the same page.
  2. Have a clear understanding of the leadership roles (who does what) and responsibilities regarding money and financial matters.
  3. Understand the fiduciary liability to donors, taxation liability, and potential liability for fraud.
  4. Develop and document the processes and procedures along with the accountability and oversight for the church's finances that create the internal checks and balances necessary to greatly reduce the chance of fraud.
  5. Numerous other matters.

Financial Management for Churches